Class Room Training

RamPro Solutions Pvt Ltd Class Room Training that offers a wide range of benefits to the Organizations where performance goals are effectively carried out by High-Skilled employees. We have a completely combined theory, Hands-on Learning and Relevant Domain Knowledge to become 'Industry-Ready' to face various challenges. High Face-To-Face Interaction is delivered by our Expert Trainee that makes creating a constructive dialogue and allows participants with a gain of additional guidance

The group of individuals with close to similar professional interests can follow structured learning and be benefited with others knowledge or else experience. An interactive session with full of examples and real-time scenarios, exercises, project-based learning builds a great peer group that facilitates quicker problem-solving.

"Action Plan Creation To Ensure New Skills That Are Activated In Workplace"

Intended Audience can easily master the fundamental concepts and techniques for building up of effective solutions to modify and extend current business solutions. Expertise applies new knowledge to real or else simulated situations with high interactive workshops real business problems. One can easily diagnostic activities to identify various strengths and incredible job opportunities

  • Determination of various goals and Objectives
  • Choose the Ideal Methodology of Delivery
  • Pairs Visuals with Explanations
  • Creation of Interactive Learning Activities
  • Develop a Guide for Facilitators to become Career-Industry